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A rose by any other name would not be as sweet as this little Georgia Rose! This seven or eight-year-old Toy Poodle arrived at the high-kill Clayton County Animal Control shelter in Georgia on December 19th. She was in terrible condition, possibly blind and deaf, and in need of immediate veterinary care. Georgia Rose's only hope of getting out of the shelter alive was with a rescue.

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UPDATE! Georgia Rose has been adopted... by her foster family!
Georgia Rose in the shelter, where she was known as Ethel.Georgia Rose arrives in North Carolina.Georgia Rose arrives in North Carolina.Georgia Rose arrives in North Carolina.Georgia Rose after spending several days at the vet.Georgia RoseGeorgia Rose, walking around after her acupuncture treatment.Georgia RoseGeorgia RoseGeorgia RoseGeorgia RoseGeorgia RoseSally trying to get Georgia Rose's attention!Georgia Rose and the Easter Bunny

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