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Finding Dory to be the 2,000th RADAR-assisted dog is so appropriate because she is the epitome of an at-risk dog who exemplifies the reason for RADAR. Like so many of our previous 1,999 RADAR-assisted dogs, Dory has quite the story, progressing from heartbreaking to heartwarming.

Dory, an eight-year-old German Shepherd, spent most of her life alone in a dog pen without even a dog house for shelter. Despite giving birth to countless litters of pups, she had never been to a vet. When Dory escaped from her pen, a neighbor thought she had killed her cat, so on May 24th, she took Dory to the Mary Ann Morris Animal Society (MAMAS) shelter in rural Bamberg County in South Carolina. Dory was very thin and filthy, but as sweet as could be. It was later determined that Dory was not the cat killer. Neglected and living outside, it was no surprise when Dory tested strongly positive for heartworms.
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