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It was love at first sight when Cecilia Deal of Wisconsin found Lizzy, a Siberian Husky, listed with one of our rescue partners in WV. The great distance led the rescue to pass on Cecilia’s application. But Cecilia was not about to let 805 miles deter her! She found that RADAR was affiliated with the rescue, got our phone number, and called us to tell her compelling story. We were able to contact the right person at the rescue to get the ball rolling. Long story short: Cecilia adopted Lizzy! Follow Lizzy on her very own blog. (July 2012)
CocoaCocoaCocoaCocoaCocoaLizzy (formerly known as Cocoa)Lizzy (formerly known as Cocoa)Lizzy (formerly known as Cocoa)Lizzy (formerly known as Cocoa)Lizzy at the dog park (she's in the lower left corner)

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