We think you’ll agree that we had to help free Brea! Approximately six years old and a Corgi-Basset Hound mix, Brea arrived as a stray at the Lee County Animal Services shelter in North Carolina on December 29th. She waited and waited, but no one ever came for her. On January 3rd, RADAR provided an offer to assist with Brea's vetting costs in an effort to encourage a rescue to take her.

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UDPATE! Brea has been adopted!
BreaBreaBreaBreaBreaBreaBreaBreaBreaBrea and her forever Mom!

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Mary Susan Wilkie(non-registered)
Yay, Brea has been adopted!!! I prayed so hard for her to leave the shelter and Augusta Dog Adoptions saved her. Thanks to everyone for saving her life. Those first two shelter pics are in my brain forever. Poor baby has a forever home now.
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