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If you said that Schumann didn't have a leg to stand on, that he was flighty and that he is named after his vet, you would be correct on all three counts! On April 22nd, this three-year-old Shih Tzu arrived as a stray at the Gwinnett County Animal Control shelter in Georgia. Schumann had an injured leg, his fur was matted and he appeared to have been neglected for some time. The shelter vet determined that because of the nerve damage to what was probably an old injury to his front left leg, it would have to be amputated. And that would be a cost most rescues would not want to face.

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UPDATE! Schumann has been adopted!
SchumannSchumannSchumannSchumannSchumann, post-surgery at the vet.Schumann, fully recovered!Schumann, fully recovered!

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