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Cassidy was one of 3 dogs that RADAR helped in a hoarding case. The 132 dogs and 10 cats were taken to the local shelter, but time was short. Friends Fur Life Rescue wanted to pull some additional dogs before they were euthanized, but needed help with vetting. RADAR agreed to help.

At the time, there was debate about whether or not Cassidy was pregnant. Well, it turns out, she was pregnant!

We decided to include these puppies in our "Just Off the RADAR" album, because we didn't know that Cassidy was pregnant when we committed to her. It wasn't until after we paid for her vetting that the pregnancy was discovered. It turns out, she was pregnant!
Cassidy's puppies, born August 8th.Cassidy's puppies, born August 8th.Cassidy's puppies, born August 8th.

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