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What do you call this tale of Poseidon? Yes, The Poseidon Adventure! A two-year-old Shepherd mix, Poseidon was one of several dogs confiscated from a family in November and taken to the Orangeburg County Animal Shelter in South Carolina. All of the dogs tested heartworm positive. And all of the dogs were at risk at this high-kill shelter.

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PoseidonPoseidonPoseidonPoseidonPoseidonPoseidonPoseidonPoseidonPoseidonPoseidonPoseidonPoseidon with Sydney. He overnighted at her house during his transport!PoseidonPoseidonPoseidonPoseidonChief (aka Poseidon), checking out his goat friendChief (aka Poseidon), checking out his calf friend

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