The meaning of the name Ziva is "radiance, brilliance, light and brightness." But Ziva's situation was very bleak when she arrived at the Sampson County Animal Shelter in North Carolina way back on October 5th. The two to three-year-old German Shepherd had recently been hit by a car and had a broken pelvis. Although the shelter was able to locate Ziva's owner and he said he would come to get her, he never did. The shelter provided Ziva with pain medication, but needed to find her a rescue to get her the care she needed. Testing heartworm positive only made matters all the worse for Ziva.

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Ziva (aka Likka)Ziva (aka Likka)Ziva (aka Likka)ZivaZivaZivaZivaZivaZivaZivaZivaZiva

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