​With Batman, one picture is worth far more than a thousand words. The heart-wrenching photo of a terrified and despondent Batman chained to a fence with a heavy, short chain and sitting in a puddle of muck makes him the perfect poster child for bait dogs. The photo was taken just prior to intervention by animal control. Batman's story follows, so get your tissues ready for tears of despair and joy...

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UPDATE! Batman has been adopted!
Batman when he was found by animal controlBatman at the shelterBatman at the shelterBatman & Annika fly to freedom!Batman is ready to go to his foster homeBatman meets BeemerBatmanBatmanBatmanBatmanBatmanBatmanBatmanBatmanBatmanBatmanBatmanBatman gets a much needed bathBatman gets a much needed bathBatman

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Paula Ballard(non-registered)
Batman was born to be a Super Hero! That is just what he is, spreading love, hope and gentle hugs where ever he goes. I had to pleasure to be his Foster Mom and now his real Mom He is learning still how to live inside with all kinds of new experiences that most dogs already know. He gets so excited at feeding time he does little happy circles and often bumps into doorways and furniture. Things like that. Toys were new to him and it was wonderful to see him learn play and have positive experiences. Living out in the country, we often hear gunshots from hunters, his reaction to those are tail tucking, running to me, whining and needing reassurance, he is terrified of being put in a crate, it took two people so I don't crate him. These are just a few examples of having to be thoughtful to what past experiences may placed on him. He is always gentle and ready to learn new things. It was heartwarming the first time I saw him sleeping comfortably with his very own blanket which he treasures as his very own. He is still on his new journey and I'm thankful to be a part of it. Thankful for the people who made it possible for him to have the life he deserves. We are moving forward and my hope is that the past images in his mind and insecure feelings fade away forever.
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