While Jackson does not have much of a tail, he sure has quite a tale! This 10-year-old Boxer mix arrived at the Beaufort County Animal Control shelter in North Carolina in late December under sad circumstances: his owner had died. Despite his age, near total deafness and a large lump on his side, Jackson was an immediate hit with the shelter staff. He was one of the friendliest and most loving dogs that the shelter staff had seen in a long time. The challenge was to find an adopter or rescue to save Jackson before it was too late.

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UPDATE! Jackson has been adopted!
JacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJacksonJackson resting after his surgery.

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Jann O'Leary(non-registered)
Just to update you on Jackson; the hair has grown back from where the tumor was removed and there is almost no evidence or scar. He has been extremely healthy and thriving over the past 2 1/2 months. He loves to go with us in the car or truck, and we can barely get out the door without him. He loves the warm weather and spends a great deal of time in the fenced in yard. He greats all visitors to the farm with wiggles and kisses. It is hard to believe that this dog ever spent time in a shelter. I thank the people who looked after him. They must have been kind and loving, for this dog is very well adjusted. Right now, we are putting in a therapy pool for our special needs dogs. I am curious to see if Jackson likes to swim. He can be very silly and he always makes us smile. I am so glad we were able to adopt Jackson, and we thank ENC and Radar for all their help.
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