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​Willow was within 15 minutes of being euthanized when the life of this visually-impaired dog was saved. Estimated to be six years old, Willow was a stray Hound who was bothering someone's cat. Animal control was called and trapped Willow on April 11th. She was taken to the Duplin County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. Covered in ticks, very thin, entropion in her right eye and blind in her left eye, Willow cowered in her kennel the entire time she was at the shelter. Willow (known as Hazel at the shelter) had until noon on April 18th to get rescued or be euthanized.

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UPDATE: Willow has been adopted!
Willow (aka Hazel)Willow (aka Hazel)WillowWillowWillow

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