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We are here to put at-risk dogs on the RADAR by raising vital funds and providing 100% of those funds to help get at-risk dogs out of shelters, into rescues and on to forever homes. The dogs we assist are the most urgently at risk in rural shelters, including senior dogs, black dogs and dogs with medical or special needs. These dogs are adoptable, but often need financial assistance for veterinary care. Your help will better enable us to save more at-risk dogs.

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Guestbook for Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk (RADAR)
Thank you for helping to save SugarPlum Mary. my husband and i will forever be grateful for the great work that you do!
Erica Vernon - Vice President, Paws for Seniors(non-registered)
Thank you so much all of the work you do for every dog, but especially the senior dogs. We couldn't do the work we do without your assistance. I've lost count of how many of our dogs received RADAR funding, but they all are truly thankful. We are proud to be a RADAR rescue partner.
Dot Terry(non-registered)
Thank you for paying Bianca's medical bills. We were so worried about her, spending a weekend in the county pound with no vet care and a bleeding head wound. If she could speak, she would thank you for saving her life. She would tell you that there is no higher calling than caring for others.
SamanthaFrey ~ founder of " Greener Pastures No Kill Snimsl Rescue "(non-registered)
Thank you and God bless you for ALL THAT YOU DO !! Way back in July 2013 you helped sweet "Bailey" leave the misery of his past life in lower West Virginia. 15 years on a chain must have been pure hell.!! Bailey was in such poor condition when he arrived here that none of us thought he was going to make it!! With your help and fate, he continues to thrive and amaze us all !!
Susan Blakeney(non-registered)
Thank you RADAR for making such a HUGE difference in the life of 6 pets at the Darlington County Humane Society. You first spoke up for Moses a luscious black and tan fluffy collie mix who had lived his life tied up in a backyard only to be brutally attacked by a neighbor's dog. Turned into the shelter for defending himself, he had cuts, bruises and a heart full of worms. His options were limited but you soon became his earth angel by helping to cover his medical needs. He is now safe thanks to your efforts. Moosa, Virginia, Violet, Fifi, and Jason are still alive and able to celebrate the season thanks to all of your hard work and dedication. Huge Paw Wave of thanks for your big heart and caring enough to help those who need it most.
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