Her name is pronounced LEE-lou. And, we knew we had to help Lilou! At least seven years old and a Bloodhound mix, Lilou arrived as a stray at the Wilson County Animal Shelter in North Carolina on April 9th. A few days later, Lilou's owner was found, but he told the shelter to put her to sleep since he didn't want her anymore! Efforts went into high gear to find a rescue for Lilou. She had three obvious obstacles to getting a rescue placement: she was a senior, she had two large tumors the size of grapefruits on her abdomen, and she was heartworm positive.

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If you are interested in adopting Lilou, please contact Wags Rescue & Referral at wags_rescue@yahoo.com.
LilouLilou's lump, which turned out to a hernia.LilouLilouLilouLilouLilouLilouLilou

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