Little Peanut is counting on donors in RADAR's Peanut Gallery to pitch in and help cover his costs! This approximately five-year-old Terrier-Chihuahua mix arrived at the Sampson County Animal Society shelter in Clinton, North Carolina on August 21st. There is no known history on Peanut, but from his condition and poor state of health, it was clear that he had not fared well in his previous life. The combination of a weakened immune system and being heartworm positive made him especially vulnerable and at risk.

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UPDATE! Peanut has been adopted!
PeanutPeanutPeanutPeanutPeanutPeanutPeanutPeanutPeanutPeanut and Lou Ann, his forever Mom, celebrating Christmas early.Peanut's early ChristmasPeanut's early ChristmasPeanut's early Christmas

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