It was like a coin toss as to whether or not poor Penny would end up being one lucky Penny! This 10-year-old Chihuahua mix was surrendered by her family to the Montgomery County Animal Control shelter in North Carolina on July 17th. The family told animal control that Penny had been urinating blood for 10 months! They had recently decided to take her to the vet, where it was quickly determined that she had bladder stones and needed a costly cystotomy to have them removed. With one family member in the hospital and no funds for Penny's surgery, animal control was called to pick her up. Even though Penny was in terrible pain, the shelter also had no funding for her surgery.

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UPDATE! Penny has been adopted!
PennyPenny's x-ray, showing the bladder stonesPenny's bladder stones!!PennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPennyPenny & AlesjaPenny with her forever family!

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