Sometimes life is like a card game, and one is dealt a bad hand. That sure was the case with Ace. But then his luck changed and Ace was dealt an ace! Estimated to be about two-years-old, this Pit Bull mix arrived at the Lee County Shelter in North Carolina on December 11th. Ace was part of an abuse case, and was emaciated from being starved. He was also understandably very scared. It was thought that Ace had been used as a fighting dog, but failing that, he was used as a bait dog. Even though Ace knew no love in his short life, he was still very gracious and loving toward everyone he met.

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UPDATE! Ace has been adopted!
AceAceAceAceAceAceAceAceAceAceAce & RosieAce and his foster MomAce with his forever family!

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